Saturday, July 28, 2012

Herding Instinct Test

Kastle was introduced to sheep when he was little (around 8 weeks) and has been a little...wary of other farm animals as an adult (he barks like a looney and hackles), so I wasn't sure how he would feel about being up close and personal with the small herd of sheep at his testing. Luckily, after slight hackling and moaning, he enthusiastically hopped right in.
He was a little too excited at first and was chasing more than herding, including muzzle punching one in the face twice.
 Then he got ran over and that sort of pissed him off but a good whack on the noggin' cleared his head and he settled into a gorgeous, gaiting rhythm. The instructor seemed pleased with his behavior and thinks he can continue and trial.
The rest of the photos are HERE. And video :-)
Side note - Kastle got locked into going around the sheep to the left, and even when she helped him switch, he immediately tried to go back to left...his box turn direction...

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